Strategic Development Plan: Euregio 2008

Intention: To provide a structure plan and development strategy for a system of diverse communities with a common industrial heritage.

1 Titlepage: Euregio 2008: Masterplan for a "green city region"; the future of the industrial landscape of the northern part of the tri-national coal region.

2 Project Structure: The plan is based on four components: spatial- , management- , and communication strategies, and a Charta for municipal, state and national cooperation. Spatially, the plan offers a regional design structure in the form of overlapping "Green" and "Urban" routes that result in mutually reinforcing identity system. The former links the different riverine structures, while the latter links the centers of historic settlements and industrial monuments.

3 Above ground metropolitan area - Below ground coal seams: The "coal tips" (Halden) are the most visible element in the otherwise flat landscape. The plan seeks to bind these core "identity giving" elements with the historic centers, miner's villages, pit-heads (collieries) to create a regional character and context for further development.


(2004), Invited Two-stage "Workshop Competition" for the Aachen city region, DE, with Limburg South-NL, and Limburg-BE, 2003-2005, (WinningProject). Team Bava: Henri Bava, Erik Behrens, Stephen Craig, Alex Wall; with Agence Ter.