Structure Plan: Goods station and Tivoli
Two-stage Competition | Innsbruck 2001

Urban Design Studio: Alex Wall, Erik Behrens

Intention: To use spatial axes and landscape elements as integrated elements of urban development to create recognizable urban neighborhoods. This double structure will support and link the new districts of the River Sill and Tivoli.

1 Diagram: The use of tall elements will create visual axes and orientation between the historic center (west), Pradl South (east) and the new ski-jump tower (south).

2 Site Plan: The development on the ex-rail yards is composed of repeating components: apartment blocks, small towers, a public space, and a pavilion in the park, or riverbank area. These ensembles both anchor the residential accommodation, which will expand to the east, and enable a local character to accrue to different parts of the project.

3 "Balcony": Along the Sill, the east facade of the apartment blocks is opened to a form a grille of garden terraces, enabling the view and sound of the river to enter te interior space of the block.